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The Pneumatico Range

Pneumatico are a leading manufacturer of pallet making and repair tables.  With in depth knowledge of the wood packaging market, Pneumatico have developed quality and innovative products, which are simple to use, and are tailored to meet the demand  of the pallet industry.


Pneumatico developed the Pallet Assembly Systems with a focus on the following sectors:


  • Pallet Manufacturers 

Producers who are reliant on an automated line as well as machines to fulfill bespoke and custom orders.  The flexibility of the system allows a wide range of pallet types to be made which can be offered to their customers to their required quantities.


  • Manufacturers of Finished Goods 

Businesses who require pallets for the storage and transportation of their products.  Depending on the size of the manufactured component, pallets of different dimensions can be made easily.


  • Warehouse and Logistics Centers

Where fast turnaround times are required to produce non-standard sized pallets for the transportation of goods.  By producing pallets in-house, the high cost of outsourcing rapidly manufactured, one-off pallets is removed.

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