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Seron CO2 Laser Engraver

CO2 Laser Plotters are one of the most universal and versatile machines used in industry.

They are successfully used in almost every industry, from automotive, aviation, to advertising or paper.

Intuitive operation

Functional and easy to use controls.

Speed and precision

Innovative mechanical and optical solutions guarantee instant realizations of the highest quality.

Technical Data

Interface: USB / Ethernet (option WiFi)

Available working areas (mm): 500×300, 950×600, 1300×900, 1600×1200, 1600×2000

Pass-through tableyes: it enables the processing of materials longer than the working area of the Y axis

Compressor: Yes

Extraction fan: Yes

CAM software: Yes, Polish / English version

Resonator cooling: Yes, chiller

Work area lighting: Yes

Air assist: Yes

Lens: silicon plus a coating of Selenium, Zinc Si + ZnSe, fi 20mm

Mirrors: silicon SI

Table type: vacuum, lowered on ball screws, integrated knife table and honeycomb

Red point: yes, transmitted by mirrors

Autofocus: Yes

Maximum item height: up to 300 mm

Positioning accuracy: 0,02HV, RF

Power of the laser resonator: 25W-200W

Working speed: up to 1500 mm/s

Supply power: 230V

Additional options: 

• rotary axis
• filter ventilation
• active Cam
• WiFi communication

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