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The Seron Machine Range

Seron are manufacturers of high-performance CNC Router, Laser and Plasma Cutters where precision and accuracy is critical. 

Seron systems are built to the highest standards by implementing strict quality control checks at each production phase.  Robustly built and only using high-quality components, reliability is crucial to the satisfaction and success of the end-user.

Seron systems are modular and are available in multiple size options.


Why Seron?

With over 25 years of experience in the field of CNC technology,  Seron are an established manufacturer of premium router and laser cutting systems.  Seron offers standalone systems as well as tailored solutions depending on the requirement.

What products do Seron Manufacture?

Seron are manufacturers of CNC Routers, Multi-axis Milling machines, Laser and Plasma cutters.

Who are Seron systems designed for?

Seron supply to businesses of all size, from small companies through to large corporations.  Businesses looking to automate production or adding to existing machinery will benefit from their products. 

What industries do Seron supply to?

Seron Systems are used across many industries including:

Manufacturing, Electronics, Graphics, Composites, Joinery and Woodworking.

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