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Seron’s 5-axis machines are innovative machine tools designed and built in Poland. They are a perfect solution for the most creative entrepreneurs who value high production efficiency. They are used for precise execution of complex details from one clamping.

The “opinion on innovation” prepared by an independent research center makes it easier to obtain funding from EU funds.

Endless possibilities

Let only your imagination limit you. Complete complex projects in a simple and effective way.

Ergonomic design

A solid structure that allows the processing of even large dimensions while maintaining repeatability and the highest precision of processing.

Technical Data

Control system: Multi-axis real-time interpolator, with active trajectory forecasting, LAN communication, EtherCat, 2ms sampling time, optional RTCP tool end tracking, correction map, remote service access

Working area: 1500 - 3000 x 2100 - 12000 mm

Z axis range: 500 - 1500 mm

Drive system: Servopohony Omron s protokolom EtherCat,

Linear bearing: Bosch Rexroth 35

Travel speed: X, Y up to 45 m/min; C, A up to6000 degrees/min

Program resolution: 0,0005 mm

Positioning accuracy: 0,01 mm

Gate drive: double-sided master / slave with gate angle correction

Electrospindles: 8 kW up to 36 kW

Electrospindle inverter: yes

Maximum revolutions of the electro-spindle: 24 000 rpm (option 6000, 40 000 50 000)

Construction: Steel welded, ribbed, stress relieved, precision machined Table typevacuum, hybrid, steel, aluminum with M16 or M18 holes

Equipment options:

  • cooling the tool

  • linear, turret tool magazine

  • rotary axis on the table

  • laser scanner

  • positioning bases

  • oscillating aggregate

  • 5-axis software

  • closed system for cooling the electro-spindle with liquid

  • automatic central lubrication

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