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Seron Fiber Cut Laser


Seron FiberCut are machines designed for fast, precise cutting of elements from various types of metal sheets. Fiber optic cutters operate with high accuracy and repeatability, guaranteeing the highest quality of the cut edges

Instant nesting

Perfect precision

Technical Data

Control system: Bosch Rexroth, real-time interpolator with active trajectory forecasting, Secros communication protocol, remote access service, touch screen, visual cutting trajectory, built-in macro library, speed control, system operation mode of laser cutting, the ability to transfer files via LAN.

Working areaX: 1550, 2050 mm; Y: 3050, 4050, 6050 mm

Speed: up to 210 m/min

Powers: 1–12 kW

Accelerationup to 2G

Positioning repeatability: 0,01 mm

Automatic height adjustment: yes

Variable focal length (zoom): autofocus

Table load capacity: 265 kg/m2

Equipment options:

  • rotatory axis for pipes and profiles

  • sheet warehouse

  • management of remains sheets

Low operating costs

Energy saving

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