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Plasma cutters PlasmaCut are professional CNC machine tools for the industrial cutting sheet metal and optionally pipes and rectangular tubes. The solid structure combined with functional control guarantee many years of reliability.

The machine was awarded the Gold Medal at the STOM-TOOL industrial expo. The “Opinion on Innovation” issued by an independent research center will make it easier to obtain EU funding.

Intuitive operation

Solid construction

Friendly work environment

Multi functionality

Technical Data

Working area: X: 1550, 2050 mm; Y: 3050, 4050, 6050 mm

Gate clearance: 200 – 500 mm

Speed of travel: 40 m/min

Drives: X, Y, Z helical racks

Bearing: Trapezoidal rails 20 TBI

Type of table: Water, extraction

Table load capacity: 500kg/m2

Additional options: Rotary Axis, extended portal, stainless steel tub table

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