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SERON Machining Center ProROBOTic 4.0


The ProROBOTic 4.0 Machining Center is a high-performance, robotic processing cell manufactured in Poland. This comprehensive solution favors the full automation of production processes while maintaining the excellent quality of the details. The configuration of the ProROBOTic center enables implementation into an extensive machine park managed in the Industry 4.0 concept.

Machine was awarded the Gold Medal of DREMA 2019 Expo and the Gold Medal in the Consumer Choice competition of DREMA 2019 in Poznań.

The machine has an “Opinion about innovation”, which allows you to co-finance the purchase from EU funds.

Full automation

Selected components

Product optimization

Technical Data

Control system: wieMulti-axis real-time interpolator, with active trajectory forecasting, LAN communication, EtherCat, 2ms sampling time, optional RTCP tool end tracking, correction map

Working area: X 600 - 3000 mm Y 900 - 12000 mm

Gate clearance and Z axis range: 300 – 500 mm

Drive system: omron servo drives with EtherCat protocol, X, Y helical slats hardened ground in accuracy class 6, Z axis ball screw with accuracy class 5

Linear bearing: trapezoidal rails, Bosch Rexroth 25

Travel speed: up to 90 m / min

Acceleration: up to 1G

Program resolution: up to 0,0001mm

Positioning accuracy: 0,01 mm

Gate drive: double-sided master / slave with gate angle correction

Electrospindles: 8 kW to 18 kW powered by an inverter

Tool taper: ISO30 or HSK63F ER32, ASK63F

Maximum speed of the electro-spindle: 24000 rpm (option 6 000, 40 000, 50 000)

Construction: Steel welded, ribbed, stress relieved, precision machined

Table type: Vacuum; hybrid; pneumatic clamping clamps

Equipment options: 

  • positioning and correction of material by means of a camera, laser, measuring probe

  • linear, turret tool magazine

  • cooling the tool with mist, chilled air

  • 3D laser or touch scanner

  • positioning databases

  • additional angular / rotary axes

  • drilling units, angular

  • active oscillating knife, roller knife, drag knife, creasing wheel, marker pen

  • pneumatic clamping clamps

  • chip extraction installation

  • integration with an industrial robot

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