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Trading Name Disclosure:

At ATZ-Motion, a division of Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd, we operate under the trading name ATZ-Motion. This means that all our services, products, and interactions are conducted under the legal entity of Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd.

Why ATZ-Motion?:

While our legal entity remains Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd, we have chosen to trade under the name ATZ-Motion due to its alignment with our passion for CNC technology and the reputation we have built in the industry. This trading name reflects our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in all our endeavors.

Our Relationship:

Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd is the backbone of ATZ-Motion, providing a solid foundation of expertise, experience, and resources that enable us to deliver exceptional services to our valued clients. By knowing that ATZ-Motion is backed by the strength and integrity of Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd, you can have confidence in our capabilities and dedication to excellence.

Legal Information:

For official purposes and legal matters, please note that all contractual agreements, invoices, and correspondence will be issued under the registered name of Ichikawa and Zurek Ltd. ATZ-Motion serves as our trade name for simplification and branding purposes.

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