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P60 Ex-Demo

Machine Specification:

The P60 is a small format Hot Wire Cutter designed to cut EPS and XPS polystyrene sheets while keeping the footprint of the machine to a minimum.

The P60 is suited for Sign Makers and businesses who manufacture 3D products including Decorative Facias, Letters and Logos.

Key Features:

  • 2-axis CNC Contour cutting system.

  • 600mm Working Width.

  • Available in 3 modular sizes up to a maximum cutting length of 3050mm.

  • Supports High Strength Titanium wire available from 0.15mm in diameter.

  • IXshaper Windows software to operate the machine and prepare cutting files.

  • Auto-stop and resume feature during a wire break.

Additional Options

 Turntable – Rotating plate used for making 3D products.

  • Lathe – Horizontal rotation feature used to make round objects such as columns and balusters.

  • Shapewire Bar – Uses a 1mm diameter wire which can be shaped to any custom design.

  • Handheld Controller to provide machine status and position.


P60 Technical Data

Processable Materials: EPS Polystyrene, XPS Polystyrene

Software: iXshaper – Lifetime Updates

Compatible File Formats: DXF, HPGL/PLT, RAW 3D, PS/AI

Maximum Move Speed: 47 mm/Sec

Available Wire Diameters (mm): 0.15, 0.25, 0.30, 0.35, 0.45, 0.55, 0.6

Power Requirement:  230v, 50hz

Windows Compatibility: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

PC and Monitor: Optional

Warranty: 5 Years - Excluding Consumables

Screenshot 2023-01-30 092823.jpg
Screenshot 2024-04-12 094837.png


Machine Specification:

The Pneumatico WT Series Tables are dedicated, ergonomically designed workbenches to simplify and speed up the pallet repair process.

The Pneumatico WT2 repair table is a game changer in the pallet repair process. The table incorporates important features such as the Pneumatic Lift and Trough to make flipping and rotating pallets possible with minimal effort, increasing productivity.

  • Designed for the repair of EURO/EPAL/CHEP pallets.

  • Repair Pallets up to 1.35m in width.

  • Pneumatic Lift for effortless rotation of the pallet.

  • Trough to easily flip pallets.

  • Angle Rail system to easily move the nail guns.

  • Balancers to support the weight of the nail guns.

  • LED lighting for a safe well-lit working environment.

  • Transport roller to aid with the loading of the pallet.

  • Storage cradle for Sabre Saw.

  • Tool Storage rack for easy access to hammers.

  • Integrated electric and compressed air connections.

WT2 Technical Informations:

Worktop Width: 1350mm

Table Height with Overhead Rail

System: 2846mm

Table Depth: 1430mm

Weight: 325kg

Worktop: 8mm Thick Steel Plate

seron logo.png

Seron SLX CO2 Laser/Engraver

CO2 laser plotters are one of the most universal and versatile machines used in industry.

They are successfully used in almost every industry, from automotive, aviation, to advertising or paper.

Technical Data:

Interface: USB / Ethernet

Working Areas (mm): 950 x 600                   

Material Pass-Through Doors: For Processing Materials longer than the Table

Air Compressor: Included

Vacuum Fan: Included

Water Chiller: Included

CAM Software: RDCAM Laserworks

Work Area Lighting: Included

Air Assist: Yes

Lens: Zinc Si + ZnSe, fi 20mm

Mirrors: Silicon SI

Table Type: Motorised Lead Screw Vacuum Table with Removable Honeycomb Mesh

Laser Pointer: Included

Autofocus: Included

Maximum Working Height: 300 mm

Positioning Accuracy: 0,02HV, RF

Laser Power Options: 25W - 200W

Maximum Cutting Speed: 1500 mm/s

Power Requirement: 230V

Additional Options: 

• Rotary Axis
• Fume Extraction System
• Wi-Fi Communication

Processable Materials: 

• Plywood
• Acrylic
• Leather
• Paper
• Cardboard

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