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Seron Laser and Plasma Cutters - The Range and Features

Seron SLX CO2 Laser/Engraver

CO2 Laser Cutters are one of the most universal and versatile machines used in industry.

They are successfully used in many industries, from automotive, aviation, to marine and graphics.

Technical Data

Interface: USB / Ethernet

Working Areas (mm): 500 x 300

                                    950 x 600

                                    1300 x 900

                                    1600 x 1200

                                    1600 x 2000

Material Pass-Through Doors: For Processing Materials longer than the Table

Air Compressor: Included

Vacuum Fan: Included

Water Chiller: Included

CAM Software: RDCAM Laserworks

Work Area Lighting: Included

Air Assist: Yes

Lens: Zinc Si + ZnSe, fi 20mm

Mirrors: Silicon SI

Table Type: Motorised Lead Screw Vacuum Table with Removable Honeycomb Mesh

Laser Pointer: Included

Autofocus: Included

Maximum Working Height: 300 mm

Positioning Accuracy: 0,02HV, RF

Laser Power Options: 25W - 200W

Maximum Cutting Speed: 1500 mm/s

Power Requirement: 230V

Additional Options: 

• Rotary Axis
• Fume Extraction System
• Wi-Fi Communication

Processable Materials: 

• Plywood
• Acrylic
• Leather
• Paper
• Cardboard


Seron FiberCut Laser Cutter

The FibreCut system is fast and accurate for cutting plastic and metal sheets.

Laser Power Options from 1KW – 12KW

Technical Data

Working Area (mm): X-Axis 1550 and 2050

                                   Y-Axis 3050, 4050, 6050

Maximum Move Speed: 3500mm/sec

Laser Power Optionss: 1–12 kW

Acceleration: 2G

Position Repeatability: 0.01mm

Automatic Height Adjustment: Included

Variable focal length (Zoom): Autofocus

Table Load Capacity: 265 kg/m2

Additional Options:

·    Rotational Axis for Pipes and Profiles

·    Sheet Management System

Technical Data


The PlasmaCut system starts from 65amp and is designed to cut Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium. A rotary axis is available for cutting pipes and other profiles.

Working Area (mm): X-Axis 1550 and 2050

                                    Y-Axis: 3050, 4050, 6050

Clearance Height: 200 – 500mm

Travel Speed: 666mm/sec

Drives: X, Y, Z Helical Rack and Pinion

Bearing: Trapezoidal Rails 20 TBI

Table Types: Water or Extraction

Table load capacity: 500kg/m2

Additional options: 

·       Rotary Axis

·       Extended Portal

·       Stainless Steel Tub Table

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