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The Megaplot Range

Megaplot are manufacturers of CNC Hot Wire and Fast Wire systems, selling globally for over 25 years. The innovative machines are computer controlled and can cut straight lines, as well as complex contours and shapes.

Megaplot systems stand alone in the marketplace when it comes to the automated cutting of sheet or block materials ranging from EPS/XPS Polystyrene to Foams, Glass/Rock Wool and Foamed Glass. 


What is a CNC Hot Wire Cutter?


The Hot Wire Cutter is an automated system which uses a thin heated wire to sear through Expanded (EPS) and Extruded (XPS) Polystyrene.  The system is comprised of an operating computer and the Hot Wire Cutter. Installed on the Computer is the iXshaper software used to import the cut file and to prepare it in a format which the machine can read. Parameters such as cut speeds and start points are applied before the file is sent to the machine for cutting.

What is a CNC Fast Wire Cutter?


The Fast Wire system works identically to the Hot Wire system with the main differences being the wire and the materials it can cut.  This system uses an abrasive wire moving at high speed.

The system is used to cut Polyurethane Foams (PU/PUR), Polyisocyanurate Foams (PIR, Polyiso, ISO), Polypropylene & Polyethylene Foams (PE, PP), Mineral Wool, Stone Wool, Glass Wool and Rockwool.

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