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We also take on non-standard and challenging projects such as:

·    refurbishing and upgrading old machinery

·    retrofitting new control systems to old machinery

·    upgrading software and re-programming PLC control           systems

·    buying and selling machines

ATZ WaterJet - retrofit new CNC Control System and machine installation

Summer, 2019

On request of customer from Poland, we had opportunity to re-trofit new CNC Control System to WaterJet machine. 

We source complete system from Berlin, and re-design entire machine to fit our Eding CNC motion controller, new servo motors. 

We provided excellent software solution, very easy to learn for new operators.

Machine used for mainly for metal cutting of various thickness, but waterjet are know as very universal tool for cutting so much more type of materials. 


Mastercut CNC Plotter from Blackman&White - machine installation

Feb, 2020

We had pleasure to install machine to beautiful location near Mont-Blanc in French Alps. 

UK manufactured CNC plotter combined knife tooling along with 100W CO2 Laser. 


Creating ideal solution for advertising and digital print industry applications. 



Genesis Conveyor from Blackman&White - machine installation

Feb, 2020

Second part of February 2020 we spent in fantastic Transylvania, Romania.  

UK manufactured, CNC carbon fiber cutter was great addition for customer machine park. 

Compact size and universal oscillating tool was best choice for this type of application. 


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